“Last… night…? W-What do we do, Brown!? Does salt work!? I’ve heard it does— maybe Phipps will know—!”

   *— Grey freaking out? Oh, yes. He’s even paler right now!

        —  As pale as a ghost. 

"Around midnight, if I recall correctly. It was near your end of the servants quarters too, now that I think about it. If you can’t ward them off with your sword, I doubt salt would work. You could ask Phipps, though I’m also doubtful of how effective sewing at them would prove to be."


“I-I am fine.” He said shy to the man.”W-Who are you?” He asked tilting his head whereas never saw that man before.

"I’m glad to hear," the noble replied, bowing his head before introducing himself to the young boy. "—My name is John Brown, aide to Her Majesty."

john-brown started following you


“Oh! Hello there. You work for the queen you do?”

"You’re quite right, my Lady. My name is John Brown, aide to Her Majesty the Queen. May I ask your name?"


“Thank you…Welcome”

It wasn’t often that the aide was left in the company of children, though he didn’t much mind, thinking himself to be rather capable of entertaining them. Kids liked puppets, right? “Hello, master Ciel. How are you faring this evening?”